Friday, 22 December 2017

End of 2017 & looks like I have more lifestyle changes to come in 2018

25yrs ago this very month I had an operation that had changed my life for good & I became disabled. The operation was to fix a problem with my left leg & had a 50:50 chance of working so I took the chance. It did not pay off & my life changed in ways I couldn't imagine & for the first 5yrs it was a dark period in my life fueled with pain & high levels of painkillers, but I pushed on & I would not let it beat me & at times it was close to doing so. I had lost so much in loosing the simple task of being active, walk & cycle.

So when I had the chance to walk stick free again after an operation in 2008 & got to a level 5yrs ago, I took it but it is a constant battle.

Unfortunately the years of inactivity as well as the right leg now following the same path as my left leg did 30yrs ago means walking stick free is getting more difficult & have already made changes to my lifestyle to not aggravate them & that includes cycling.


But as time goes on & I get older too, so does the condition keep changing & I have to try keep ahead of it as I have done for the past 3 decades. But today I got a letter to pass onto the Buss Pass Dept as evidence of my conditions & reading it has hit home to me as it is in black & white in writing & was not expecting it as was just expecting proof of my disability.

It has hit home & to be honest I have to face reality considering this week I am back on my stick due to my knee giving grief for not following the lifestyle rules at the weekend I had set & aggravated it. But don't worry I am not gonna give up on this, not in my nature but in the new year I need to think long & hard on changes to help improve my condition & I am already have the new ebike building project started with the purchase of the new bike to build into the new ebike.

But for now I am going to enjoy Christmas, spoil my lil Ellie & gonna enjoy plenty of Jack Daniels during the festive period. For 2018 is going to be a new year, new plans & ideas & plenty more to do to get the home, work & transportation made better for my disability...

Until then have a great Christmas & bloody well enjoy it!!! I sure am!!!

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