Monday, 30 January 2012

Getting Google Contacts & Calendar to sync on Generic Android Tablets

Following my previous blog on a Tablet I had bought just over a year ago, one thing I had found was an issue with it & a few others I have had a chance to play with is the fact that some tablets just don't sync with contacts & calendar online. The only way to get them is via Google’s website, which is fine but I like to use instant access via apps just like I do on my mobile.

Blank Calendar

So after a while I decided to do a bit of research & there’s plenty of ways to resolve it, but they either involved rooting and/or downloading missing files that are required from dubious sites & unsure if they are safe. So I thought I try a method not mentioned or I just not come across it online & it does involve having a mobile at hand & a online file syncing a/c like Dropbox or SkyDrive.

So on trying it out this method I am about to explain, it worked on 2 tablets of different make & model; the Sonix 7 8" Android 2.2 Tablet which I have written about, the Storage Option Scroll Excel 7” Android 2.3 Tablet & the mobile used is the HTC Wildfire with Android 2.2.


So as I was saying, I needed to get contacts & calendar to sync with my online a/c, the reason this wasn't happening was that the tablet was missing 2 important files in the main directory. These are GoogleContactsSyncAdapter.apk & GoogleCalendarSyncAdapter.apk. As to why they are missing I do not know, maybe its a licensing thing.

NOTE: Before you read any further & try this, it is down to you if you do & will be solely your responsibility if it goes wrong as I can't guarantee it will work for every make & model or what version of Android you may have.

So the 1st thing I needed to do was to find the missing files on the mobile, they were found under system/app on the mobile (not SD card). Then had to get them to somewhere where I could make use of them, I used a file explorer app called ES File Explorer (, you might have a different preference of this app that does similar function but I liked this one.

So I highlighted the 2 files I needed & copied them to the SD Card (sdcard/downloads), the reason for this is when I tried to upload the files directly from original location on the mobile to the Dropbox folder online it failed as they are protected files. But copying them to SD Card then to Dropbox worked.

Next was to upload them from the mobile’s SD Card onto Dropbox folder online so I can access them from the tablet.

Nokia22076      Nokia22080

Once uploaded, its ready to get them on the tablet.


Warning! Continue from this stage at your own risk! I am not responsible & cannot be held liable in the unfortunate event that the process causes damage to your device and/or voids your warranty.

Just click & install the 2 individual file & that is it, let the tablet sync up with your online a/c & you’ll get your contacts & calendar available.


Now due to so many variations of Android Mobile phones & tablets, I cant guarantee it will work for you. But having copied the 2 missing files from an Android 2.2 mobile phone to both an Android 2.2 & 2.3 tablets & worked with no problems with both tablets. So I don't see an issue with crossing over from 2.2 to 2.3 Android software, none of the devices was rooted & this should work for any device from Android 2.2+.

So I wish you luck if you try this as I found it the easiest/safest way to sort out the problem.

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