Tuesday, 8 May 2012


As some of you might have noticed on Facebook & Twitter that is if you are following me of course, I have been posting daily throughout April about #30daysofbiking. Now if you haven't heard of it then here’s the site which tells more about this global event '30 days of biking story', quite simply it’s a pledge: Ride somewhere every day for 30 days then share your adventures online.

So why did I do this 30 days of biking? Well it was to prove that I could. Anyone who knows me knows all to well know I have been on crutches/walking sticks for near on 2 decades & for the past 4yrs+ I have been trying to get off them after a major operation which is explained here in these links '3 steps forward 2 steps back', 'My bone cyst op', leg update', 'walking stick free (well almost)' & 'year-later'.

So how did I do? Well it wasn't easy, that's for sure. Some days I only managed a mile or 2, other days I managed to push myself & do a bit more between 5 & 7 miles. One occasion I managed to do over 9 miles which to some may not sound much, but to me was exhausting. Despite the hardship, aches & pains I did do the full 30 days of biking.

And here are the stats for the month of cycling & as you can see I’ve done a lot more in a month than I have in the previous few months, burned some calories, saved on CO2 as well as save on petrol used. Even lost a bit of weight & toned up the body, which can’t be a bad thing?


So what now? Well if anything I’m going to carry on using my bike & rely less on public transport. I can get to town in less time than a bus, go figure? I’ve had to make adjustments to the bike as my cycling ergonomics has changed & I found that by doing all this cycling, my knee hasn't locked up once though has protested at times which isn't as often now.

But the main difference is I am going to give up the stick this month, except for when doing heavy shopping (still have trouble with carrying weighty things), more to do with strength & that’s improving with the cycling. And I am now thinking it’s time to return to the world of employment. Scary but a necessary evil we all have to live with, though will be limited in what I can do & want to go for a job which requires no sitting at a desk/till all day (obvious reasons, my knee) & no really heavy lifting. Also this week I am going to try get in contact with the DWP to try use a ‘return to work’ scheme for those who’s been on long term sickness benefits, yeah I know wishful thinking but it's been far to long since I last worked & like to earn more than the benefits I get. Might even try get a job in cycling, I’ve always liked cycling just couldn't cycle before now due to my leg & am mechanically minded. Again yes I know wishful thinking. But would be beneficial in many ways & we all know cycling is on the increase so a good area to look into.

As for improving my cycling, well I now have a trailer to carry extra weight behind me. Just need to get legs strong enough to be able to get to town with it & back with a full load. But this time last year I barely managed to cycle a mile & back, so this time next year I should be able to. Hell I’m also considering doing a sponsored cycle ride, who knows?

I will keep you all updated as time goes on, until then how about you give it a try? Don't have to wait until next year, just try it now for 30 days & see how you do. That is of course if you don't do it already to work, shop, etc.….

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