Sunday, 27 November 2011

A year Later……

 I cant believe its been a year, yes a year since I moved from Surrey to Essex. And what a year its been, definitely not a quiet year either. Also apologies for not blogging in that year either, it has been busy & hectic.

One of the things I've been busy with is the flat I have moved to & as you can see from the pictures, what a difference its make with a coat of paint & decent flooring.

 2010-11-28 12.35.00a     DSCF6040 Stitch

DSCF2540     DSCF6065

DSCF2546     DSCF6066 Stitch

DSCF2544     DSCF6059

DSCF2545     DSCF6060

But it wasn't just my flat that had lots of changes too, I also had things going on over the past year. Mainly health related with popping in & out of hospitals for tests upon tests upon tests, all for my knee & a lump that had appeared on my left arm causing pain just before the move.

After various tests they decided to just remove the lump on the arm, so in September I went for a day in hospital for an op & went well.

2011-09-07 15.26.25    IMAG0259     IMAG0390

It proved to be successful & arm is now fully healed & getting stronger, which is a good thing being that I'm left handed.

As for my knee, all the tests just came up clean. Nothing wrong with it, just the muscles being weak from decades of not using my leg when using crutches. So for the past couple months I have been doing Physio & knee has been improving to the point where they got me in a Lower Limb Gym for an hour a week. Its proved to be the best thing for me as I have had physio before I moved & didn't have a gym workout, the workout helped more an physio has & now got this to play with…..


I am now cycling once a week (soon to be twice) for only a mile (where Morrison's is) & back (with a bit of shopping) & knee is coping ok atm. Eventually it will be every day & lil bit further out, but as I have learnt is you really need patience at this as push that lil bit to far & you’ll end up back at square one (I learnt that one the hard way).

So what’s for the next 12 months, who knows? All I do know is I am getting better & fitter & soon to be back looking for work in the new year as will eventually classed as ‘fit to work’, though will be part time if I can find a job. I am hoping to get help as I am one of the long term Sickness benefit claimant the Government wants back to work & so looking forward to do that myself.
As for the flat, still loads more to do……

OH, and for those who don't know why I moved 100’s of miles, well this is why! Open-mouthed smile

IMAG0124     <KENOX S730  / Samsung S730>

Things you do for love! xxxxxxxxxxx

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