Friday, 1 February 2008

My Bone Cyst Op’

As I've have said before, I've got a Bone Cyst in my Femur & needed an operation. Well 2 weeks ago I had the op & its been a slow long slog getting back to being myself.
Well they have cut out the Cyst, took bone off my Pelvic area as a bone graph but from the front, which surprised me as its a more tender area. With this bone sample, they mashed up & injected back into where they removed the Cyst. Then put a bracket into the ball joint & along the femur to hold the bone together.
The Op was done in the morning & I awoke 10 hrs later as they had trouble waking me! Should've told them I sleep like the dead as it is! lol
Staff were very friendly & food was pretty good, considering its a hospital, unfortunately the op was more envasive than expected & it was a week before I could get out. Didnt help that a couple days after I suffered chest pains (which was later diagnosed as stomach cramp) then internal bleeding where the bone gragh was taken (from blood thinners given for the chest pains as they thought I was having a clot in the heart or lungs at the time of the chest pains & docs being cautious!), had to be knocked out with Morphine after 2 hrs of excructiating pain!
Well now I'm home & have been for a week now. Staples were taken out today & i'm slowly getting the use of my leg. 1st week was like having a dead weight instead of a leg! lol Now I can just move it, bend knee 45 degrees & lift it an 1" off the ground. As you probably can guess I'm on crutches until my leg is all healed & fully functioning. Physio starts in 3 weeks once all is fully healed!
Now I like to thank my darling Jules for her support in all this, she's been looking after my dog during all this & is spoiling him rotten. Thanks for being there at the weekend after the op & visited me at every moment possible til she had to go back home. Also thanks for making my place nice & tidy for when I get home, big hugs are waiting for you!!! And thanks for being there to talk to, giving me praise & support!! It helped alot!
Also thanks to Tori for helping look after me the 1st weekend & my Mum for the rest of the week, she's been cooking a pile of meals for me & making sure I have everything handy & just have to reheat my meals from the freezer.
Also Jules is coming down & now doubt gonna bully me into letting her help me! lol
At least this time I can thank her personally when she's down!
Its been a hard few weeks, but with their help now & in the future I will make a full slow recovery. It will be a hard slog, but with all the support I'll get through it!

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