Friday, 21 December 2007

3 steps forward & 2 steps back! (Update)

Well if you dont know by now or read earlier blog, I have a problem with my left hip & have done for over 18 months. This is on top of a disability I have had with left leg for well over 15 yrs.
I went to see Specialist after he tried over a month before an injection to relieve the problem which wore off 2hrs later. Even tho' injection wore off, it was a success. Well at least to the specialist, as it has now shown roughly what is wrong. Specialist told me its 1 of 2 things! 1st it's a lump on the ball part of the hip socket or 2nd, a tight muscle attached to the socket so it's in tension & overstretching when moving. This is great to me as they now know what to look for, now the bad bit! They wanted to do a 3D scan of the ball socket, then send me to another specialist who an expert on both problems.

Well they had done a 3D scan of the ball socket & sent me to another specialist who is an expert. This Specialist was then to decide on how to go about fixing the prob. But once I got there to see this Specialist, it all changed!
The Specialist has reviewed my scan & wanted me to have an X-ray there & then, so I did. When I saw him again, he decided that the problem isn't my hip but a Bone Cyst. Now this was dismissed 2 yrs back coz it was small. But now been told its grown & still growing & is across more than 1/2 of the cross section of the bone. Thus the pain & left untouched the bone will snap!
So I went into Hospital few weeks later for an injection to kill it & shrink it. The injection didnt work, so now its the operation!
They are going to cut out the Cyst, take bone off my Pelvic area as a bone graph which they mash up & inject back into where they removed the Cyst. And because of this, theres not much to hold me up in this cross section (25%). So they have to pin the bone together to stop it just snapping!
Completely threw me at the time, not what I was expecting! But now I had time to think, I just need to get on with it & let them do whats needed! I cant leave it be for it will get worse & break. But I am kinda reluctant to the idea of the op & bone graph!
Now as you can understand I'm not to happy with this news, coz until its sorted my leg is not only in pain but can snap with any force against it (No Jumping!) lol.


Well Xmas is coming up & I now have a date for Op'.
Its in January & I'm in a slight flap preparing for not only for Xmas but the op too! Apprehensive atm too, biggest op i've had too!
But if you look at the pic in the Picture Album named Cyst, I've circled the cyst & you can see why it needs to be done!

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