Sunday, 24 November 2013

lil bundle of fluff...

Last night I dragged myself to bed all tired & achy, 2 days of work really took its toll on me but in a good way. As I laid down in bed, Smokey climbed in & laid himself along me against my chest & I fell asleep to the sound of his purring. I awoke a few hrs later due to call of nature & he was still there, pressed against my chest & resting his head on my arm. He even stayed there whilst I was in the bathroom & got into same position when I laid back down in bed.

It was quite pleasant & he's not done this sort of thing for some yrs now, it got me thinking of how I missed him doing this. I know why of course, he hasn't been the same since the diabetes. But right now I am seeing the old version of Smokey starting to re-appear again, just lil things he stopped doing but doing them again.

So I do think despite the past few weeks of hypo attacks & worrying news from the vets a few weeks back, I do believe we are starting to win the battle against diabetes at the moment & enjoying the ol' Smokey back whilst I can.

I know I will miss him bad when it comes to that time we will have to part, we bonded closely from when he was my lil bundle of fluff. But until then I will do what I can to keep him happy, pain free & when it come to that time then I will let him join Skip in a dignified manner.

But until then & even after, he will always be my lil bundle of fluff...

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