Sunday, 12 May 2013

On the move again...

As I post this, things are changing & changing for the good I must say for I am moving again. I am leaving Chelmsford with all it's good & bad points, I will miss the parks & my favourite coffee spot Athlon Sport as well as the friends I made. But I am moving for a good reason, I am moving to Colchester & even closer to my beloved & so close to her workplace it soon could be my new coffee stop. :D

This was in the cards whilst I was doing the 30 Days of Biking & on the last week of April, unknown to most I was not only doing my cycling but I was also packing boxes when I got the OK to swap. The hardest part to me other than the hard work of packing was having to pull apart the flat, as most who follow me on Facebook & Twitter have seen what I have done to the flat over the years. From this:

To this after a couple of years...

And I know some of you are asking why do all this work & then move? Well... To start with I needed a home to live in & I didn't know if or when I would ever find another property, but also a nice looking flat does make it more appealing to the other prospective tenant for a swap.

Any way moving does have other advantages as well as being closer to my beloved which is what I wanted, there's also new cycle routes to discover & hopefully get my darling to come along with me. Did say 'hopefully' ;-)

But also a new flat to play with, new layout with new decor & already have ideas flowing through my mind of so many possibilities. So there will be pics posted as I go along with my makeover of the flat & show some of the new ideas & hacks I come up with. :D

But for now, here's some pics I got of the flat when I was approached for a swap.

Not much to see but I knew that already & was better to see it in person, I can see potential in the flat. Oh it also has a bay window, so the cats are gonna love what I am planning for that bay window... :D

So as I said, I am sending this out literally as I am moving out of the flat. So one thing that will be disrupted is the internet, yes I know I have my mobile but still unsure how it'll be in the new flat. I'll keep you posted on this as there could be disruption in my postings.

But also I'm gonna take this opportunity to thank all who are helping me move for if they haven't have helped, this wouldn't have been possible. So a big thankyou to all who are involved!

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