Friday, 30 November 2012

IKEA Hack #4 MALM Chest of drawers

This is my 4th IKEA hack which is a very simple one to do with a bit of time & patience.

First of all, this wasn't for me. This was done for my partner who needed her Chest of Drawers adapted for easier use.

My partner has to sets of MALN drawers that are very good & sturdy but also the drawers are heavy to open due to this. The design is a handleless design & the finger access at the top makes it difficult to open. So after a few discussions on how to put handles on that are low profile & big enough, she decided that the KANSLI chrome-plated 38cm Handles were the best choice.

Now due to the drawers fronts being thicker in material than standard Kitchen cabinet doors which these handles are for, the supplied bolts weren't long enough at 20mm & had to be replaced with 25mm of the same diameter.

Next was to mask up the drawers, the reason for this was so that I could mark up where the holes will be with a soft grade pencil & not mark the Beech veneer which comes in handy when mistakes are made in measuring (yes I do make mistakes) but are corrected when double checking them.

Tape also works at keeping the hole tidy when I drill, not that you see the holes when handles are in place. Holes are drilled on 1 drawer to start with & the handle was fitted to be sure it all fits ok (& pray it is as it can't be undone), which it was as I had checked all measurements more than once. After that drawer was done & was ok, I carried on to the next & the next etc, until all were finished.

And I must say they look better with the handles & a good choice made by my beloved.


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    1. Thanks, they are easy to install with a bit of patience & making sure you mark up correctly.