Thursday, 1 October 2009



I'm on Incapacity Benefits & have been for over 4 yrs due to Health problems. 18 months ago I had an operation to fix the problem & my health have been improving in leaps & bounds!

So I am now looking for a part time job of up to 16hrs a week as part of the Pathways to Work scheme. So that I can gradually go to work as my health keeps improving & then go full time! Unfortunately the scheme has been out sourced by Job Center Plus & the companies they use have failed to help me over the last few months.

So if any Company in the Farnham can help me, please get in contact with me! I will be happy to forward my CV with further information they require.

I use & am familiar with PC's including basic knowledge on networking, website building, office packages & upgrading parts. Qualified in AutoCAD & was doing CAD work up to 4 yrs ago. I have basic knowledge in Electrics, Woodwork & Plumbing & good at DIY.

Due to my health I am looking in work where I am able to stand & sit for short periods of time. Carrying & lifting is limited at the moment, but would improve over time as health improves. I don't have a driving license, so local work would be more suitable.

Thankyou for reading & I hope I hear from some companies soon!

I have now moved to Essex & no longer looking for a job in this field as its not secure enough & I'm outdated in the software, but thanks for reading.

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