Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Walking stick free (well almost)

If any of you might have noticed from the status, I'm now starting to walk w/o any use of sticks. Its been 16 months since my operation & a long slow but steady slog to get there. And my partner Jules took a sneak video clip of me during our walk in Highwoods in Colchester. I was taking some pics at the time & enjoying walking w/o a stick even tho I have a folding one hanging on my side in case I need one.

So far so good I havent used it, tho I know there be times where I will as its tiring work!
As for cycling, well gotta work on that one still. I rode my bike once & knee was in pain for weeks. So think I'm gonna be working on the that for a bit before I go to far. But just like my walking, I'm getting there!

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