Monday, 2 July 2007

Waitrose shops for next generation of customers

OH Please! Supermarkets are now following the trend of Myspace & others like it! Read below! Cant they think up something new than copy other??

Retailer's web site revamp will include social networking tools

Supermarket chain Waitrose is planning to add social networking functions to its web site to allow shoppers to swap recipes and chat on message boards.

The retailer wants to encourage the one million people that visit its web site each month to debate topics such as organic food and to trade culinary tips.

Users will also be able to upload recipes and pictures with their homemade dishes as part of the £1m revamp of the web site.

The Food Forum will allow users to discuss important food topics such as maximising seasonal produce to turning an existing recipe into a signature dish, says a Waitrose spokeswoman.

'Those keen to access step-by-step video demonstrations on how to improve skills and techniques will also be able to do so at the click of a mouse,' she said.

A new generation of retailing is approaching, according to online retail analyst IMRG, with rich media content, interactive web sites and Web 2.0 initiatives to improve the online shopping experience. has already announced its intention to introduce such features to its web site, starting with the addition of an interactive map to locate stores, and more community involvement.

Waitrose will announce the re-launch of its web site on Wednesday, which will include new simple navigation, more comprehensive nutritional information and online answers to common questions.

The site will remain separate from its online shopping site Ocado.

The company has an archive of 4,500 recipes on its web site and plans to add 20 new ones each month. Users will be able to create their own e-scrapbook of recipes, complete with notes.

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