Thursday, 17 December 2009

Thursday, 1 October 2009



I'm on Incapacity Benefits & have been for over 4 yrs due to Health problems. 18 months ago I had an operation to fix the problem & my health have been improving in leaps & bounds!

So I am now looking for a part time job of up to 16hrs a week as part of the Pathways to Work scheme. So that I can gradually go to work as my health keeps improving & then go full time! Unfortunately the scheme has been out sourced by Job Center Plus & the companies they use have failed to help me over the last few months.

So if any Company in the Farnham can help me, please get in contact with me! I will be happy to forward my CV with further information they require.

I use & am familiar with PC's including basic knowledge on networking, website building, office packages & upgrading parts. Qualified in AutoCAD & was doing CAD work up to 4 yrs ago. I have basic knowledge in Electrics, Woodwork & Plumbing & good at DIY.

Due to my health I am looking in work where I am able to stand & sit for short periods of time. Carrying & lifting is limited at the moment, but would improve over time as health improves. I don't have a driving license, so local work would be more suitable.

Thankyou for reading & I hope I hear from some companies soon!

I have now moved to Essex & no longer looking for a job in this field as its not secure enough & I'm outdated in the software, but thanks for reading.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Lion & Lamb Entrance dilemma!

As a resident of Farnham or if you have visited, you no doubt seen the problems they are having with the wooden block pathway at the main entrance of the Lion & Lamb. See the link below to my pic I took this morning:

Anyway for a few months it was replaced with this god awful plywood & then was recently repaired & did look very good. That was until this morning!

Now I aint no expert, but even I can see where they are probably going wrong. The blocks are softwood with a treated surface on top. Now if I remember correctly, softwood swells when wet which is why we have to varnish or water protect it in some way. Now these blocks don’t look like they have been treated in any way at all.

So why don’t they use hardwood which is better suited for this or treat the blocks before laying if softwood? Yes it means it will cost more in the initial work carried out. But how much is it costing each time it gets relayed with new softwood version.

Who ends up paying the costs? Landlord of the site, who then adds the cost to the shops & the shops then add it to the cost of the goods which we pay for?

Also is a waste of a natural resource, all those trees wasted just coz they cant do it right! If wood wont work for them, why not go for the cobbles to match the rest of the site?

Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Where has the Lion & Lamb statue gone?

Those in Farnham or who have been there, will probably know the Lion & Lamb Yard with its shops & a Lion & Lamb statue. Well I was there today & its gone. No signs to say why, so does anyone know?

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Walking stick free (well almost)

If any of you might have noticed from the status, I'm now starting to walk w/o any use of sticks. Its been 16 months since my operation & a long slow but steady slog to get there. And my partner Jules took a sneak video clip of me during our walk in Highwoods in Colchester. I was taking some pics at the time & enjoying walking w/o a stick even tho I have a folding one hanging on my side in case I need one.

So far so good I havent used it, tho I know there be times where I will as its tiring work!
As for cycling, well gotta work on that one still. I rode my bike once & knee was in pain for weeks. So think I'm gonna be working on the that for a bit before I go to far. But just like my walking, I'm getting there!

Friday, 27 March 2009

Back on the road again after 18yrs! :D

If you havent seen, go have a look at my latest pics & video.

Its of me taking my 1st go on my new bike, been 18 yrs since I was last able to ride one.
Just another step on my recovery for my leg! Cant wait to be riding it more often & build up my muscles & improve my balance even more.

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Leg Update

As many already know, January 2008 I had an operation on my leg that will change my life forever. And over the past year I've been doing physio & excersises at home to rebuild my leg muscles & strength all round as well as trying to walk again.

Well after 12 months of hard work & loads of support from my darling Jules with her magic hands massaging my aches away as well as family helping out with things I couldnt do. I'm practically there! I was hoping all to be done by December 2008, but it proved to have been an more invasive operation, so for the 1st few months is was no more than dead weight i dragged around whilst on crutches.

2008 has definately been a turning point in my life, its been hard & well worth it. For now I am trying to go to the Gym to work on improving my leg strength, improving my balance. Hobling around the flat, almost walking without the stick & trying to get a bicycle for when I'm ready.

So whats next? Well I am going to look at going back to work after some retraining curtesy of the Job Center in a month or 2. My flat is on the net to try swap it with someone who wants to move to Surrey from Essex so I can live closer to my beloved (hoping it dont take to long). As well as getting the flat finished painted (doing kitchen atm) so it looks all nice for the swap! Cycle alot more often than I did 18 yrs ago! You dont appreciate things as much until you loose it, now I'm getting my legs back I sure want to make the most of it!!

So here's to 2009, where the changes keep on coming! And thankyou all for your encouragements & especially to Jules, she's had to put up with the most of it!! Love her so much!!!! xxxxx